What a great honour it is to talk with Andy Puddicombe, co-founder and the voice of the amazing Headspace app and website. The Headspace mission to improve the happiness and health in the world is making great progress and has become the most impactful mediation tool.  We talk about Andy's long term friendship with Action for Happiness, his 10 year monastic journey and how this led to creating the Headspace app.  We also talk about Headspace's contribution to the scientific research and get a unique insight into the patterns and trends that Andy has noticed, especially following the global pandemic and his outlook on the next five years.  I get to share my personal story about Headspace and it's impact on my life and I get to geek out in appreciation and end on community and how we can all help to take more action.

We also talk about all the wonderful resources that are available for free such as his 'weathering the storm' section, mindful movement classes and much more.  Try it for free today at headspace.com

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