Happy Cafes

Happy Cafes took a break during the pandemic and some went online. We have a new registration system to support Happy Cafes where covid guidelines allow, so they can be safe and inclusive. 

Happy Cafes are a welcoming space where people can get together over coffee and learn about the techniques for living a more positive and happier life.

They can be set up when cafes or other public venues agree to display our materials, like posters and postcards and allow Action for Happiness volunteers to host gatherings related to our Ten Keys to Happier Living.

Due to the current pandemic as with other face to face Action for Happiness gatherings, we are only authorising the resumption of Happy Cafe gatherings if they are safe, inclusive and strictly in accordance with the local Covid rules at the time. Some of our Happy Cafes have gone online in this period and details of these are available on request. 

If you would like to set up a Happy Cafe in your locality (or resume a  Happy Cafe that was set up before the pandemic) and consider that your local Covid rules now permit such gatherings you can register your interest by filling in the form below.

About Happy Cafes 

We were delighted when Action for Happiness supporters started to create "Happy Cafes" in their local communities. The idea is simple and inspiring: a friendly and welcoming place to meet other people with a shared interest in promoting happiness and wellbeing.

Before the pandemic, our fabulous Brighton group created the very first Happy Cafe, based at the Emporium (venue now closed), and this was followed by London's first Happy Cafe at The Canvas in East London. Well over 100 cafes were set up in the UK and around the world before the pandemic put a stop to their activities.

Stan Rosenthal, a co-organiser of the Brighton group and the brains behind the Happy Cafe idea, said at the launch of the Brighton cafe: "I hope the UK's first Happy Cafe will become a beacon of happiness in Brighton to reinforce and inspire people in their search for wellbeing".

Ruth Rogers, founder of The Canvas said: "We want to be your Happy Place in London; to provide a place where you can express yourself and be inspired by others".

Happy Cafes have a range of literature, posters, pamphlets and postcards relating to happiness on display - and Action for Happiness supporters can identify themselves to each other by wearing a lapel badge available at the Cafe.

Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness, said: "The Happy Cafe concept is fantastic, as it creates a hub where people can connect and share inspiration together. These local connections hold the key to happier lives and a happier society".

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